Do Republicans have an advantage when it comes to 2020 turnout?

You've been hearing a lot about turnout when it comes to the 2020 election. And there are a few reasons why Republicans may have an advantage over Democrats when it comes to that.

One reason, according to RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong is impeachment. Trump supporters are energized after the way things went down

"Republicans are very upset, and offended, at the behavior of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democrat Party," Armstrong said. "It wasted a lot of time. This President could have been even more successful than he has been if he had a Congress that was focused on doing the work of the American people."

Armstrong also says the 'Bernie Bros' might not show up to vote if a candidate like Mike Bloomberg wins the nomination.

"If Bloomberg is the nominee, it will be a bought and paid for election by a billionaire. It's going to be stolen from Bernie Sanders. A lot of Bernie voters will think it was stolen, because of Iowa and what happened in the last election cycle with Hillary," Armstrong explained.

Other reasons turnout might go this way include the Biden scandals, and the President going after the African American vote the way he is.

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