Could Democrats have a brokered convention in Milwaukee??

The 2020 Democratic Presidential race is so murky that you might see something we haven't seen in decades.

That something is a brokered convention if no candidate has the 1,990 + delegates required to win. Political scientist Allan Saxe says that would be entertaining.

"If nobody has that majority, they trade them off," Saxe said, adding that is where you could see some back room deals being made.

CNN's Bill Richardson says if we get this anything is possible.

"Some new candidates might emerge that didn't enter the primaries, like Michele Obama," Richardson stated while also mentioning Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown as a possibility.

Former Bush 43 adviser Brad Blakeman says this scenario, this chaos, is what Hillary Clinton wants.

"The more chaos is created, the better it is for the Clintons. She is itching to get involved," Blakeman said last week on the Fox Business Network.

But Bill Galston at the Brookings Institution says don't bet on it happening.

"It would be exciting, but it is much to early to start predicting a brokered convention," Galston told KTRH News.

The last time we saw one was in 1952, for the Democrats.

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