College and Career ROI

If you have a kid planning for college - you should do some homework first! Helping your college-bound children make good decisions about what they will be studying takes some work on both your parts.

David Dillard of KD College Prep says first see what classes they like the best and learn what they want to get out of their career. "Help them discover their interests and abilities that can lead them to having a fulfilling life."

Dillard urges you to figure out what kind of return on educational investment to expect - and discover what careers are in demand. "Research and gather statistical data which will support or rule out options for them. They can make the ultimate decision."

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers are giving the highest return and have long term job career possibilities. Considering the financial return on the chosen major and career is very important and requires some work. "Earning potential, geographical Job opportunities, additional education needed, What potential financial obligation they would have when they get to their earning years."

Studies show veterinary, optometry and physician assistant give some of the worst returns on investment, while dentistry and pharmacy are two of the highest.

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