Trump goes after government pork in budget proposal

President Trump is going after the billions in bad spending in his latest budget proposal.

Adam Andrzedewski with Open The Books tells KTRH he was happy to see the President include chapters on stopping this sort of spending, because what goes on would boggle your mind.

"NASA spent over a million dollars on a federal grant to prepare the nation's religion for the discovery of extra terrestrial life," he explained. "In the last month of Fiscal 2018, 67 federal agencies spent $97 billion. In the last week they spent $53 billion."

That's only part of the story. There are also billions in improper payments, and Andrzedewski says that would get worse with Bernie Sanders as President and Medicare for all.

"CNN admits would spend an additional $60 trillion. That would amount to an all-time record for any nation in budget spending," he stated.

The Trump administration has already eliminated 31,000 duplicate contracts, saving you $27 billion since 2017.

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