President Trump has Mexico playing ball on immigration

America-hating Univision anchor Jorge Ramos says President "Trump got his wish. Mexico is now the wall." The Border Patrol says Mexico has been a more willing enforcement partner.

National Border Patrol council president Brandon Judd told Fox Mexico has stepped up its game.

"In protecting our southwest border they've actually been stepping up and they've become a great border security partner."

Judd says the massive caravans that once rolled through Mexico to the U.S. border without opposition are no more.

"We actually have ICE officers that are down on the ground and this has never happened before; they're actually helping the Guatemalan government, they're helping the Mexican government, they're in an advisory role, they're telling them what they need to do."

Judd says democrats will try to block enforcement in the courts, but they'll lose.

The president's proposed budget calls for just two billion in border wall funding -- less than half as much as he wanted in the past. Judd says democrat lawsuits won't stop the President's agenda.

"The President ultimately is going to win; he's won in every single case we've had so far, we're going to continue to build the wall, we're going to hold out the criminal aliens, we're going to continue to get a hold on these opioids that are coming into the United States and killing so many of our children."

Judd says Mexico is stopping the massive caravans that begin in Honduras and Guatemala.

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