What will politics look like in a post-Trump world?

It isn't too early for political strategists to think about what politics will look like when President Trump leaves the White House, either after the 2020 election or after 2024.

One thing we know is that Trump changed the game with what he did between the time he got into the race in 2015, and when he won in 2016. Terry Schilling with the American Principles Project says what happens in November will influence what Republicans look like for 2024.

"President Trump has changed the state of American politics for now and into the future How deep his impact is will depend heavily on the outcome of the 2020 election," Schilling said.

And Republicans aren't the only ones changing. Schilling says Democrats are, too.

"What you are seeing now in the fight play out between the more establishment, Hillary Clinton wing of the party, and the Bernie Sanders wing of the party," Schilling stated.

Schilling says one Republican he's looking at post-Trump in 2024 is Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, whom he calls 'Trump 2.0.' Two other names to look for are Mike Pence and Ted Cruz.

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