How are we dealing with everything that comes with modern life?

The way we live life has changed over the years, mostly because of technology. But new numbers show we are adapting.

The research from Pew says we're a pretty happy bunch these days. 70% said their career gave them meaning. Counselor Elizabeth Scrivner says even if you don't a;ways like your job you can make a positive impact.

"The number one thing you can do, if you can't change your job, is to have an attitude of gracefulness, thankfulness and being kind. Because no matter what job you are doing you can control that," Scrivner said.

And despite the vitriol on social media, 70% of us us feel it is a positive.

"Does it make you think? Does it help you in life? I think it's so important that we connect in a positive way when we are putting stuff out there," Scrivner explained.

But we are busier than we've been. More than half of you said you're usually trying to do two or more things at the same time. Read more of Pew's takeaways HERE.

Mother holding baby daughter's body helping her to take her first step in life

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