From a financial perspective it looks like a red November

It seems to be conventional wisdom the democrats' impeachment histrionics have all but guaranteed President Trump's re-election; that and the fact stocks are high and unemployment is low.

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says Wall Street sure doesn't want to see President Trump lose.

"If the incumbent party loses, most of the time, you get a decline in the Stock Market; it's a negative year when the incumbent party loses."

Shinn says President Trump is certainly more pro-business than the socialists in the Democratic Party.

"We know that he wants to keep the economy going; he considers the stock market one of his personal report cards, if you will, of success, so he definitely wants to keep it going."

Shinn says we usually vote our pocketbooks and that's a good sign for republicans. The evidence is historic.

"When we look at Presidential elections, when the economy is doing well, when unemployment is low, when people feel good about the prospect for a job or keeping the job they've got, the sitting President gets re-elected."

Unemployment is at historically low levels and the markets have certainly enjoyed the ride during the Trump Presidency. Shinn says Wall Street certainly doesn't want to see a democrat Socialist take the reins.

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