Controversial running shoe to go on sale this summer

A version of the controversial Nike running shoe that powered the first sub-two hour marathon in history could be yours this summer. Nike's Air Zoom Alphafly Next% goes on sale. Jeffrey Dengate of Runner's World magazine explains why these shoes caused controversy.

"Shoes have always been a performance enhancer. They help us run fast. This shoe, the Vaporfly in particular, helped us run a lot faster than previous steps had gone," Dengate said.

The shoe will not be cheap. It'll cost about $250 a pair. Dengate says plenty of serious runners will gladly pay the price.

"It's amazing how many pairs of these shoes you see on people's feet. You really see them on the front end of marathons The competitive runners, the ones looking for the fastest times, are the ones buying it," Dengate said.

Eiud Kipchoge, ran a marathon last October in 1:59:40 wearing a prototype of the shoe. But it is not recognized as an official record.You can check that out below.

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