Democrats hold New Hampshire primary debate tonight

Believe it or not, tonight, Friday night, is debate night in New Hampshire for the six Democrats that have qualified for the stage.

For Democratic strategists like Matt Angle at the Lone Star Project, it is do or die for Joe Biden, who took a big hit by coming in fourth in the Iowa Caucuses.

"I think that Biden has to show some life. He doesn't have to win in New Hampshire, but he has to come in second," Angle said.

George Seay, political analyst and CEO of Annandale Capital, wants to watch Pete Buttigieg and how he performs after his surprise showing in Iowa.

"To go from Mayor of South Bend to being viable Presidential candidate is amazing," Seay explained. "He's clearly a real slick operator. Clearly he has a lot of talent."

But how many people will be watching? After all, it is Friday night, not usually a big night for TV ratings.

"Don't get me making excuses for that bad decision. I can't imagine why anyone thinks that's a good idea," Angle lamented. "Just a bad decision."

We will have six candidates on the stage tonight including Andrew Yang. And Mike Bloomberg can get into debates later this month, because of a DNC rule change about the number of donors needed to qualify.

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