Trump admin flying repeat illegal border crossers to interior of Mexico

Repatriation of illegals wasn't controversial when the Obama administration did it.

Now, the Trump administration is flying more than 450 illegals to areas of Mexico away from the border.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies with Center for Immigration Studies, said repatriation of illegals is successful, because when they're dropped at the border, they just turn around, get with the smugglers and come back into the US illegally.

"Anything Trump tries, even if Obama did it, too, seems to become controversial, but this really shouldn't be. This is a sound way and effective way to deal with the problem we still have at our border," said Vaughan.

She said the border patrol has to balance the types of consequences they impose on different types of crossers.

"This is most effective with criminals, prior deportees, and anybody who's going to keep trying, the hardcore, serial illegal border crossers," said Vaughan.

She said it is expensive to fly illegal criminals to the center of Mexico, that is why there haven't been more sent back.

Vaughan added eventually, illegals will get through border areas that don't have some barrier like a wall or fencing.

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