Save, save and save some more

For some of us, 57 is a realistic age at which to retire in Texas. But you have to have done some pretty serious saving.'s Joel Anderson says the living is easy in the Lone Star State.

"There's no income tax so it's a lot easier to save money there, which means you spend a lot less and it makes it easier to hit your goals and retire earlier."

But you need to save 20% of your income, starting at age 22.

"At 57 you're going to have accumulated enough money that if you're just drawing down four percent of your savings every year you're going to be able to cover that low cost of living in Texas far enough into the future that you can expect a pretty happy, healthy retirement."

Anderson says the key is being disciplined saver and starting early.

"If you break the saving habits that would get you to retirement at 57, they're not crazy, that should be the big takeaway here. If you're willing to get rich slow and be disciplined about it it's something that we all can aspire to."

In their study, Utah had the lowest age for possible retirement at 53; Hawaii was the worst at 74.

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