Pelosi's impeachment gamble fizzles; how much will it cost her, Democrats?

Now that impeachment, well at least this one, is behind the President, his future looks brighter than Nancy Pelosi's does.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the left went all in on impeachment and lost. Fox News' Tom Basile says with this loss, Pelosi won't be very effective in her role.

"Her failure to control the radical impulses of her conference, and her failure to advance any kind of agenda, is going to mean that she will be a weaker Speaker," Basile said.

And Basile says she has managed to make people more excited about re-electing Trump in November.

"That kind of hyper-partisan, unhinged behavior, is going to turn off independent voters, and only increase the enthusiasm deficit that we are seeing," Basile explained, adding that the lead that Democrats had in the Generic Congressional Ballot has started to erode.

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