Cruz, Crenshaw react to State of the Union speech, Peolosi's theatrics

Texas Republicans liked what they heard from President Trump, but they didn't like what they saw from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi tore up the President's speech when he was done, something that didn't sit well with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

"It was disgraceful. It was disgusting. It made me angry," Cruz said. "What she showed, and what Congressional Democrats showed, was contempt for America; that they won't root for the American people."

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk agreed with what Cruz said.

"They looked sad and upset," Davidiuk said. "They have decided to take a stand against American success in the name of partisan advantage."

As for the speech itself, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw says Trump hit all the right notes.

"That's exactly what he should do. We should talk about the strong State of the Union. We should talk about the greatness of our country," Crenshaw Tweeted. "He talked about solutions. It was overall positive and exactly the right message."

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