Could Iowa's problems pop up again during this election year?

The Iowa Caucus fiasco has some people wondering if we could see this kind of 'coding' problem pop up in other states.

In Texas, voters head to the polls as part of Super Tuesday on March 3rd. Logan Churchwell with the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a group that has sued Harris County in the past over voting rolls, says Iowa might just be an aberration.

"Unlike what we saw in Iowa, most primary elections are actually handled by the professionals," Churchwell said, adding that this is a problem that is unique to caucuses as opposed to normal primaries.

But here in Harris County, there have been problems in the past. In fact, in November, results were delayed by about 12 hours because of a reporting problem that the county blamed the state for. Churchwell admits those issues can pop up again.

"You're always going to have issues with machines and vote counting because humans are operating in both of those spaces," Churchwell stated.

The PILF lawsuit against Harris County for failing to disclose non-citizen registered voter records is continuing.

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