Dems won't stop investigating Trump even after acquittal

The acquittal vote that is expected in the impeachment trial of President Trump later today won't be the end of his problems with Democrats and investigations. Far from it.

In fact, Democrats in the House have a number of investigations they plan to pursue, something Adam Schiff hinted at months ago on CNN

"We are going to continue to pursue. The investigation isn't going to end," Schiff told CNN's Jake Tapper in November.

That's because of something Houston Congressman Al Green said on the House floor.

"The Constitution allows a President to be impeached more than once," Green proclaimed. "We can impeach again. There is no limit on the number of times."

Nathaniel Cogley at Tarleton State University tells KTRH none of this happens without the approval of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"Pelosi has been on board with investigations the entire time," Cogley explained. "Part of campaigning is trying to dig up negative information about your opponent, so I do imagine in an election year that committee investigations will continue."

Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Fox this will be a never ending story.

"The Democratic Party is defined by one thing; hatred of Donald Trump. Whatever he is for they are against," Cruz told Fox News yesterday.

It's not just impeachment. There is also the effort in other jurisdictions to get access to access to Trump's taxes.

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