An appeals court will decide if a one-year-old can live or die

The Second Court Of Appeals in Fort Worth heard oral arguments this morning on whether to pull the plug on Baby Tinslee Lewis.

Tinslee is being treated for congenital heart disease, she's active, but often sedated so she doesn't pull the tubes out of her nose.

"She's awake. She'll let her mom know whenever she needs a diaper change. Today, Trinity talked about how she really likes the bubble gum flavored oral care, that makes her really happy. And, just on Saturday she celebrated her first birthday," said Kimberlyn Schwartz with Texas Right to Life. "She's alert. She is awake and she's alive and she deserves a chance to fight. So, that's the bottom line here, is who gets to decide if somebody else lives or dies?"

She says she's hopeful, because the hospital didn't argue about the family and patient should have a right to due process.

Schwarz said Governor Abbott and the Attorney General had a representative there to speak on their behalf in support of Tinslee being saved.

She added there's no date when the decision could happen, whether it be days or months.

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