You're Going to Live Longer!

It's a fact - we're living longer --- all the way to 78 years and 8 months.

Medical experts tell us we are going to live month longer than previously thought. Lower death rates for cancer and drug overdoses get the credit.. KTRH Health Expert Dr. Joe Galati says it's a combination of medical advancement and personal education. "Awareness in regard to cancer means stopping things that may lead to cancer and seeing a doctor sooner if you see symptoms." And the same for drug overdoses. "You can immediately give people Narcan to take them out of an overdose state and calling 911 right away."

Galati says medical advances and our own medical education are why."If we are tapping into the resources of what causes a disease and what can prevent it - we should not only live longer but have a happier life."

You can hear Dr. Galati every Sunday evening at 7:00 on "Dr. Joe Galati and Your Health First" on KTRH - 740am.

Elderly Couple Enjoying Outdoor Meal With Family

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