Why don't Democrats care more about you?

While President Trump has done everything he can to put America first and live up to his campaign promise of 2016, Democrats go about things very differently.

If it seems like the Democrats are putting others first, like illegal aliens, political analyst Debbie Georgatos says you are 100% right; it's just more identity politics.

"They are a ready made victim class. They do ultimately think these people will eventually become citizens and then vote for the people that game them free stuff," Georgatos explained.

Georgatos says for the left, it's about one thing; getting and keeping political power.

"Where this goes is a very dangerous place. More Americans are starting to realize the left wants to control every aspect of our lives," Georgatos said.

Which is why they hate the President's accomplishments, something you're likely to see on display at the State of the Union tonight.

House Democrats Hold Press Event Highlighting First Year Of "For The People" Accomplishments

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