Trump makes State of the Union speech tonight

Even though the impeachment trial is not officially over, President Trump is set to make his State of the Union speech tonight.

Not every Trump supporter is happy about that fact. It's a speech that former White House staffer Steve Bannon doesn't thinks should happen.

"If I were him I would do it the night of New Hampshire. Address the nation then and see how the Democrats like it," Bannon said.

U-H political science professor Jacquie Baly says the President should talk about the positives.

"That's what I would advise him to focus on. But we are talking about President Trump. He will move forward and bring up this impeachment hoax," Baly explained/

As for Congressional Democrats, expect them to stay silent while Trump talks about how good things are.

"Why would they not be happy for the people in our country who this President's policies have helped," Baly asked, adding that they stayed silent last year during the State of the Union, too.

Coverage of the speech begins tonight at 7pm on KTRH.

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