New research shows just how bad the liberal slant is on college campuses

A new study found professors registered as Democrats outnumber Republicans by a ratio of nearly nine to one.

And, their donations to Democrat candidates outnumber those given to Republicans by a ratio of 95 to one.

Mary Clare Amselem with The Heritage Foundation said this speaks to the hyper-liberal environment at American universities.

“And, I think it’s sad because I think most students want to go to college to expand their minds and to learn new ideas and unfortunately I think more students are getting political ideologies shoved down their throats rather than strong academics,” said Anselem.

She said this is going to impact the students.

“I think it’s sad to see students who want to go to school who are really eager to learn, get their academics dwarfed by professors pushing a political agenda,” said Anselem.

She said this is starting to creep into the sciences as well, where opinion is now being deemed as important as facts.

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