What happens in Iowa will impact Texas as voters caucus today

After more than a year of campaigning, the Democrats who are left in the Presidential race starting counting votes.

The Iowa caucuses are finally here. SMU's Cal Jillson says that even though the Iowa frontrunner' has changed on a weekly basis, he sees it as a race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

"If Biden is second but close and goes to to be competitive in New Hampshire, then he's in fine shape to win in Nevada, South Carolina, and go into Super Tuesday strong," Jillson said.

Speaking of Super Tuesday, that's when Texans get their chance to have their voice heard. Jillson says that for many voters, today is when they start paying attention.

"They will see Iowa and the winner. If it's Bernie Sanders, it will raise some Texas eyebrows. If it's Biden, people will notice that as well," Jillson explained.

In other words, what happens today has a big impact on what happens here on March 3rd.

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