Anxious voters stay home

A new poll claims republicans are looking forward to November and democrats are anxious. If true, this does not favor democrats.

Rice political science Professor Mark Jones says anxious voters may say they'll turn out, but they usually don't.

"The more anxious people are the more likely they are to stay home or perhaps equivocate in who they vote for."

As for endless impeachment, Professor Jones says fatigue has set in.

"Even if they don't like Donald Trump there's a segment of the population that just says 'move on and do something else, don't keep banging your head against the wall.'"

The poll shows republicans are excited about November and democrats are worried about President Trump being re-elected.

Professor Jones says excitement wins.

"There are two ways to win an election. One is to convince undecided voters and swing voters to vote for you; the other is to motivate your base. It's a lot easier to do the latter and so the more excited your base is the more likely they're going to turn out and the more likely you are to win."

Houston democrat Al Green has suggested when the first impeachment trial fails, democrats will try again.

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