“Bite Me,” Says the Meat Industry

People say they are eating less meat.

A Gallup Poll finds 23% of American saying they eat less meat this year relative to last, which could have dramatic effects on the Texas economy if true. It may just be a misperception, though.

“It’s not that they’re not eating meat. I think we have a huge number of diet plans, meal plans, and people searching for something different. There’s all kinds of new stuff, new recipes, new cuisines, just new stuff all the time,” says Dr. David Anderson, a professor and Extension Economist in the Texas A&M Department of Agriculture Economics and specialist in the junction where meat meets money. He says people may have the impression they are eating less meat as diets transition from a Midwestern focused “meat and potatoes” meal plan to something more 21st century. “We’re going through a time period of some of the best beef demand by consumers in 25 years. In fact, we’re poised to produce more meat this year than ever.”

The beef industry is the third largest economic generator in the Lone Star State, contributing $12 billion in 2015.

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