We LOVE Our Smart Speakers

The United States is in love with the smart speaker. More than a quarter of Americans over 18 years of age have at least one WiFi enabled speaker they can talk to in their home. High Tech Texan Michael Garfield loves his and explains why they are so popular.

'They're getting more traction because they do so many things. Open our front door. Change the channel. Turn on the lights. Order our groceries. Yes - We're a lazy bunch!'

Garfield says their popularity is growing at fast rate. "The devices are getting cheaper. That's the Number One reason these are being placed in homes all over the world." He also says they are easy to set up and operate. "Another reason these are becoming more prevalent is that they are very simple to set up. Open the box, take it out of the box, .plug it in an just connect it to your home WiFi. "

And with spoken word - rather than music based audio up 20% in the last 5 years, they could quickly become as common as smart phones and smart TVs.

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