When to file 2019 tax return and what changes to expect

You can now start filing your 2019 tax return.

Last year’s changes caught many unprepared.

CPA and Tax Specialist Lydia Desnoyers said most of the changes to effect taxpayers happened with the 2018 returns.

"At least preparing the tax returns early, kind of gauging where you, at least you know where you stand as you wait for additional documents," said Desnoyers. "And, keep in mind that you have until April 15th to hit that send button."

The standard deduction went up last year. There were new W4s, which is what you fill out how much to withhold, married or single.

Desnoyers said there is one major change--the removal of the penalty for not carrying health insurance.

"You don't have to worry about that penalty this year. In fact, you don't really have to indicate whether you had health insurance or not, or claim an exemption. The penalty is zero," said Desnoyers.

She says get a jump start preparing your taxes before that April 15 tax deadline. The earlier you file, the more likely you are to beat identity thefts by fraudsters.

Most tax cuts are set to expire after 2025.

Tax Day reminder for April 15 on calendar

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