Remember when the media told you World War 3 was imminent?

When President Trump ordered the assassination of one of the world's leading terrorists, democrats insisted it would start World War 3. So far, they're nothing but wrong.

Political insider Chris Begala says the President did the right thing.

"Iran has not responded in any way like the democrats said. How dare President Trump order the killing of maybe, at that point, the world's leading terrorist?"

Begala says Iran launched missiles at a base in Iraq and shot down an airliner -- apparently by accident.

"What will Iran do? So far, nothing substantial at all."

Begala says the assassination sent a message to terrorists around the world that President Trump means business.

"There's no doubt that Iran and others around the world know that President Trump means business; he did exactly what he should have done and nothing right now has occurred in any way to question his action."

The missile strike on a base in Iraq that housed U.S. troops, resulted in dozens of concussions, but not war.

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