Harris and Ft. Bend counties elections could impact future of the TX House

Democrats have a chance to flip the Texas House and effect the state's redistricting for the next decade.

The fight is so important it has national attention.

In Harris County, District 148 could be flipped to Republican if enough people turnout to vote.

In Fort Bend, Democrats are fighting to make District 28 their own.

Harris County GOP chair Paul Simpson said the fight for the Texas House is a fight for the future of the state.

"Democrats are nine seats away from flipping the State House to Democrat and we're leading into a redistricting year, and that's what the big fight is all about," said Simpson.

He said if Democrats gain control of the State House of Representatives this next cycle that will mean a change in redistricting--which happens once every 10 years, after the census.

"The Fort Bend County race House District 28 has gotten all kinds of attention. Nationally, they've even trotted out Beto O'Rourke in a desperate to turn that Republican district Democrat," said Simpson.

He said Harris County voters have a chance to flip a Democrat house district 148 to Republican.

District 148 has been a Democrat state house district for years. It extends through the Heights along 290.

He said Harris County voters need to help Luis LaRotta.

Simpson added these elections have such a low turnout, only three percent, that a handful of voters can make a big difference.

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