Did this 'mistake' by Trump put lead to impeachment?

There's a thought among some Trump supporters that the President may have made a mistake that has led to the impeachment trial we are in the middle of.

The 'mistake' is that Trump didn't clean house when he was sworn in; that key members of the Deep State hired during the Obama administration are still there. Republican strategist Corbin Casteel tells KTRH he doesn't agree.

"We have hundreds of embassies across the world. There are tens of thousands of employees and appointments to make. It takes time," Casteel explained.

So there was no way Trump could clean house. And besides, Casteel says even if he did, we'd still be in this position.

"They would have found something. There were Republicans who were trying to find things like that on Obama. It's a political game. Impeachment is a political nuclear missile," Casteel said.

A missile they started aiming at Trump in November of 2016, finally firing it last month.

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