The 90s is appealing to many, especially Generation Z

Today's kids are taking comfort in the joys of things from two decades ago—like Dungeons & Dragons, vinyl, combat boots, iPod, Game Boy and taking photos with Polaroid cameras rather than a smartphone.

Sales of classic sneakers and fanny packs are up.

Nope, it's not the 90s, today's generation just wishes it was.

Syracuse University professor of television and pop culture Robert Thompson said the predictable formula is a 20 year cycle. In the 70s, there were shows about the 50s like MASH and Happy Days.

In the late 80s, the Wonder Years was about 1968.

"Nostalgia. This whole idea of being attracted to the things that you did 20 years ago, is probably human nature," said Thompson. "Reboots only bring back a tiny percentage of what that actual time was."

He said with the new millennium, music is fragmented and what people watch comes in different ways.

"In many ways, that was the last decade where we still had a truly mass culture," said Thompson. "The last decade, there were at least some things that pretty much everybody was seeing at the same time."

With the turn of the century, there's no longer one pop culture, there's many mini cultures.

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