Coronavirus mostly a problem for those in the Wuhan, China area

The Brazos County Health District is investigating a suspected case of coronavirus.

The TSA has now posted flyers at all of their checkpoints inside the Bush Intercontinental airport warning of the coronavirus.

KTRH's Your Health host medical expert Dr. Joe Galati said people in Wuhan, China and surrounding communities are at the highest risk.

"Second is people that are from the infected area that are then outbound, either within Asia, or United States, or heading to Europe, they're heading to South America," said Galati.

He said health officials need to keep track of people coming into the United States from that area or showing signs of the infection.

"The key thing now is going to be identifying the people in China that have it, interrupting their exit out of the country," said Galati.

He said stay aware, stay alert, wash your hands and avoid people who are sick.

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