Do Democrats have a secret motive for impeachment?

Democrats may have an ulterior motive for the impeachment of President Trump that has nothing to do with removing him from office.

It's has everything to do with the judiciary, and how Trump has changed it since he's been in the White House. Some think this is a trial run for the Democrats to challenge Trump's judicial picks. Political analyst Luke Macias says Trump has taken a key weapon Dems had, and nullified it.

"When Democrats can't pass policy the way they are supposed to they go to the courts and they try to get them to advance their agenda for them," Macias explained.

He's not sure this will ultimately work the way Democrats would like it to.

"As much as Democrats have tried to distract the President and Senate from appointing and confirming judges, it hasn't slowed them down," Macias said.

In the last three years, the President has appointed 187 federal judges, including two Supreme Court justices. One in four circuit court judges is a Trump appointee, and he has flipped the very liberal Second and Third Circuits, (NY, CT, VT and NJ, PA, DE, Virgin Islands, respectively) as well as the Eleventh Circuit (FL, AL, GA). 

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