Your Anonymity May be a Thing of the Past

Your anonymity while doing simple things like riding a bike or eating in a restaurant may be a thing of the past. What if a stranger snaps your picture and uses an app to quickly discover everything about you? The app exists but so far only available to law enforcement. Shawn Tuma, attorney and partner with Spencer Fane, says he fears it could become a tool used by extortionists and abductors.

"Potential murderers or abductors can look at someone and can immediately find out where they live, and what their phone number is and if they have children. The potential uses for this for bad purposes is just frightening."

The app uses a database of 3 billion pictures found on various social media platforms. "There are many cases where it has been used to help solve crime. If we could just make sure it is ONLY used to fight crime, then it would be the greatest thing in the world."

The New York Times says police think it will be available to the public in the future.

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