While Dems focus on impeachment, Trump focuses on you

While Democrats seemingly focus only on impeachment, the President is looking out for you and your bottom line.

And looking out for your financial health. How do Tax Cuts 2.0 sound?

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney that you will benefit greatly from a second round of tax reform.

"We want to aim this at middle class tax relief," Kudlow said. “We want to aim this at even faster economic growth going out in the president’s second term.”

Texas State Rep. Steve Toth says Trump what the Democrats refuse to acknowledge. It's about the economy.

"Trump is solely focused on that, especially with this second round of tax cuts," Toth said.

But he also says the Dems just want what they don't have now; power. Because of that, they are focused on taking Trump down.

"They have no solutions that will work. When you lack truth and solutions the only thing you can rely on is hatred and vitriol," Toth explained.

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