Super Bowl ads will be funny, but maybe not at the President's expense

Super Bowl 54 is the Sunday after next in Miami. Some only watch for the commercials, which haven't been as funny recently. But that could change this year.

Dr. Betsy Gelb is a marketing professor at the University of Houston. Ad agencies certainly lean left but she doesn't think advertisers will be stupid enough to be too political.

"I do not think they're going to risk alienating anybody that they don't have to alienate."

Dr. Gelb says advertisers have been trying to identify with causes in recent years.

"They're not gonna do it in a jokey way, because that would counter the message that they want to give, but there will still be humorous commercials."

It's no secret almost everyone in the media hates you, the conservative, KTRH listener. And while ad agencies would probably love nothing more than to insult President Trump and tout the latest LGBTQ-XYZ non-sense, Dr. Gelb doubts we'll see much of that in the Super Bowl.

"People don't need a big reason not to buy your brand, there's plenty of other stuff out there to spend money on, and so, if they're even mildly annoyed with you, hey, they're going somewhere else."

TurboTax and Hyundai are among the ads previewed that are going for a laugh.

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