Job Interview Between You and Your Phone?

First job interviews are awkward enough and now companies are saving time and money by using Artificial Intelligence to conduct interview between you and your laptop or smartphone Your next job interview might be between you and your smartphone.

Businesses are using Artificial Intelligence and prerecorded questions that you answer on camera from your laptop or smartphone. Jill Hickman of Hickman Companies says it has merit. "Those who are doing it have a lot of candidates that they are weeding through. Artificial Intelligence sounds like it could be a really cool tool to make that happen."

Algorithms assess your video and draw conclusions about you. HIckman thinks that could be dangerous. "By screening out so selectively, 'Am I running the chance of bypassing a great candidate who might end up at my competitor? Be very careful when you're using any kind of assessment. You should always balance it with human interaction. Make sure you're not bypassing someone who could be perfect for that job."

Universities are now speaking candidly to their graduating students on what - if anything - they can do to win over the algorithms.

Portrait of beautiful cheerful young businesswoman working on laptop and laughing in home office

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