Imagine a head's up display on your eyeball!

A few years ago Google introduced smart glasses, but they were expensive and didn't catch the consumer's eye. Now a different company has similar idea -- smart contact lenses!

Mike Wiemer of Mojo Vision says the idea is to feed information to the contact lens from the Internet.

"Letting us look and feel human; a contact lens that is very subtle and hard to notice and you wear and it connects you to the information you want, when you want it."

Wiemer says Mojo Vision could be used to recognize people you meet and remind you of their names and personal information.

"There's hardware, there's software, there's fitting, it's a contact lens that corrects for any of your vision correction that is needed -- just like a normal contact lens."

Wiemer says the lenses could project GPS directions to appear in your field of vision. Smart contacts would be invisible to others and could project all sorts of information to your field of vision.

"We've made the world's smallest micro display, an ultra-low power wireless high-speed data link; how you power it, how you put sensors into it, how you control this device."

You could look at a person or an object and information could be sent to the contact lenses. Wiemer says the augmented reality could be a giant leap forward for everything from medicine to games.

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