Is this the end for fake news?

Some think that Nick Sandmann settling a $275 million lawsuit with CNN is the beginning of the end for fake news.

But not everyone believes that. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center says that the last year is proof that fake news is alive and, unfortunately, well.

"There are hundreds of examples, including Brian Ross tanking the stock market because of his reporting. I'm not sure it's going away. In some ways it seems to be more entrenched and more powerful.

And with arguments resuming in the impeachment trial today, expect it to get worse.

"This is the title match. In one corner there is Donald Trump. In the other corner the mainstream media. If Trump wins, then maybe fake news goes down for the count," Gainor explained.

And here's irony for you. HBO has teamed up with Brian Stelter of CNN to do a documentary about fake news.

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