Arguments resume in Trump impeachment trial today

Impeachment proceedings are set to resume today with arguments in the trial of President Trump.

University of Houston political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus says this will be like any other trial; boring for the most part. He says that's exactly how Republicans want it.

"They want to make this a small, non-partisan affair," Rottinghaus explained. "They don't want it to look like a political event."

Which, of course, is exactly what Brandon Morse at Red State says is the opposite of what Democrats want to do.

"They will call foul on Republicans. They are invested in this narrative. If they don't continues with this it all falls apart. So I expect them to continue to make this a circus. I expect them to continue to accuse Republicans of nasty things like calling this a cover-up," Morse said.

Both Morse and Rottinghaus agree that when the dust settles, President Trump will not be convicted, and will not be removed from office.

Senate Begins Pre-Trial Impeachment Proceedings

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