What will the impeachment trial look like?

We are moving closer and closer to the start of the trial in the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Here's what you can expect once the Senate trial actually begins.

It looks like this will start on Tuesday, and political analyst Michele Maples says expect to see what we saw in 1998.

"McConnell is going to mirror the Clinton impeachment, so we can expect, perhaps, a month-long trial," Maples said.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has thrown out the idea of witness reciprocity.

"If they bring John Bolton, then President Trump can bring a witness. He can bring in Hunter Biden, Cruz told KTRH's Sean Hannity on Fox News.

Maples likes Cruz' proposal.

"I think that is a fantastic idea. What is important here is that the process remain fair to both sides," Maples explained.

But there is one body already complaining. The mainstream media is already upset that the trial will limit Capitol press access.

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