Is a new secession movement growing?

We all know how partisan politics has become. There are some who think as a result, secession is a possibility.

In fact, author F.H. Buckley told KTRH the division is so bad that we are, essentially, two countries.

"The left has simply gone nuts. We are in the land of permanent impeachment, where the results of the 2016 election are not accepted by people," Buckley told KTRH.

Buckley has written 'American Secession,' and he says that if you think Secession is impossible, it actually isn't. But he's proposing 'Secession Lite.'

"Maybe the answer in all of this is to give a lot more power to the states. Let's go back to a real Federalism, where states can go their own way and we can sort ourselves out," Buckley explained.

Buckley also says it won't be the red states like Texas trying this. It might be blue states, especially if the President wins in November.

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