Trump shows how Republicans should push back against the left

The President doesn't take anything from the left lying down. He pushes back, and others hope the GOP learns from Trump's example.

You see the pushback when you watch a Trump rally. You see it in Tweets. You see it in his actions against Iran. Brian Joondeph at the American Thinker says historically Republicans just want to be liked.

"They want to be invited to appear on cable news shows. They want to be liked by the Washington Post and New York Times. They want favorable articles to be written about them," Joondeph explained.

But he says Trump is providing the blueprint for how they should be acting.

"He is an example of one doesn't mind the arrows. He'll gladly take them. I think people are seeing that and seeing that it's effective," Joondeph said.

And he hopes the GOP can do what Democrats seemingly have always done; provide a united front. Because up until now the pushback has been isolated in instances like the lawsuit filed against CNN by high school student Nick Sandmann over the coverage the cable news network did on him last year.

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