Is there anything Democrats won't do to try and win in 2020?

Democrats seem willing to say anything, even put the country into crisis, if it means winning the election in 2020.

For a year we heard from the left and the mainstream media that the country was going into recession. That never happened and it doesn't look like it will. Former Houston Congressman Ted Poe says he thinks Democrats were rooting for the economy to tank.

"They do take sides against what's best for the country. Some of them want the economy to go under so that they can get Democrats elected," Poe said.

They are also willing to ignore the Constitution (with impeachment) and empower bullies like the mullahs of Iran (the Iran nuclear deal). And why is that?

"Their playbook is to defeat Trump by any means necessary, including manufacturing a crisis; making something up," Poe explained.

And he says that's what we saw on display with the Russia investigation and now Ukraine.

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