A new Bluetooth standard should mean better battery life

You've heard Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory."

"Everything is better with Bluetooth."

Soon, everything about Bluetooth will be better.

At CES, the promise was Bluetooth LE Audio would be a big improvement. New York Times tech writer John Quain isn't so sure.

"It should maintain the same audio quality; not a big improvement but at least it will maintain what you already hear now."

Quain says this should really benefit battery life.

"The idea is, with the lower power demand, you can put it devices that have ever-smaller batteries. Think of hearing devices, hearing aids a lot of people use, those are miniscule."

Quain says consumer technology is forcing us to use Bluetooth.

"So many devices have done away with that little thing we all loved, the headphone jack; and in fact, the rumors now are the new Samsung phones coming out later this year also will not have a headphone jack, which sort of makes people move to Bluetooth."

The bad news is the new standard won't work with current devices; you'll have to buy all new.

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