Loneliness Can Kill You

Adult loneliness is a growing epidemic in the U.S. and a study at U.C. San Diego School of Medicine says it can be deadly. Adult loneliness, like smoking and obesity, can make you more susceptible to heart problems. Licensed Counselor Lori Vann says loneliness brings on stress. "When we are stressed - it sets off a physiological reaction and that includes setting of the stress hormones that impact our heart."

Vann says adult loneliness has become more common in the last years. "We get stuck in the 'Work and Home' pattern. We go to work. We go home and we're tired. The weekends are spent resting up and doing chores. We just don't think we have time to be social."

She encourages her lonely clients to "1---Put down the technology and start actually making eye contact with people. 2--- Look into different social groups." That means " go to church or check out organized groups in their area to find like-minded people who enjoy what they do, like a hobby or interest. Vann says volunteering is a great way to find like-minded people and get a boost from helping others at the same time.


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