Your smart speaker is listening; should you care?

A few years ago they didn't exist, now they're everywhere, theoretically listening to everything. But are smart speakers a legitimate security threat, or does their convenience outweigh whatever small threat they pose?

University of Houston Professor Art Conklin says any device that's online has the potential to get you in trouble.

"If it's electronic and it's controlled by software then there's always the opportunity for something to go awry."

Houston security expert Stephen Coty agrees.

"A remote access Trojan on your laptop can turn on your camera, can turn on your audio devices, so this really isn't anything new."

Coty says it's not easy to hack smart speakers and the chances of you being targeted are slim; he says a baby monitor may be more at risk, if you're worried about a neighbor kid listening in.

"He has a better chance of actually high jacking your baby devices or your listening devices for your baby room than he does your smart device."

Professor Conklin says it's important to know what you're getting yourself into with these always listening devices.

"I am aware of what I'm sharing, when I'm sharing it, why I'm sharing it and what the outcomes are."

A report claims 24% of American adults -- 60-million -- have at least one smart speaker.

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