Looking for CHEAP Airfares?

Flying on a vacation saves a lot of time and travel wear and tear on you and your family. If you play your cards right - it can also be affordable. This is the time of year travel agents are the busiest - because this is when Americans plan their upcoming vacations and look for cheap flights. Ginger Davis with AAA Travel knows all the tricks - like knowing when NOT to fly. “Any 3-day holidays when banks and schools are closed (July 4th, MLK, Easter,) – stay away from those days.” And we're currently in the cheapest times to fly. “Typically November, January, February, March. That’s 'off peak' for airlines and good for finding the best fares.”

Joshua Zuber of AAA Travel says there are some basics to saving on air-fare. "Having flexibility in your travel plan is key. Fly during not-so-desirable times when business travelers would not be flying. The airlines are looking to fill their seats.”

The first plane to take off in the morning and the last to take off at night can have bargain seats, avoid those 3-day holiday weekends, vacation in the winter when you can - and look into departing on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Davis says if you really want to stretch your travel dollar - go to the tropics during hurricane season!

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