Young People Not Getting Vaping Message

57 families have buried members who vaped, but the details about health risks for young people don’t seem to be getting through.

Harmony Healthcare asked 1,800 vapers between the ages of 18 and 35 what their thoughts on the subject are and found they’re pretty shallow.

77% think vaping is healthier than cigarettes, 60% think it's healthier than drinking

56% are considering quitting due to recent illnesses and deaths link to vaping

71% believe vaping is unhealthy, but 79% still feel safe vaping themselves

Nearly half said they had planned to quit vaping as a New Year's Resolution

A Texas teen became the youngest fatality on New Year’s Eve, Dallas County Health Services reporting the 15 year old also had other underlying illnesses.

Of the users, 41% vape nicotine, 30% vape cannabis, and 27% vape both.

The full study page is here

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