Texans set for playoff showdown with Chiefs

The Houston Texans beat the Kansas City Chiefs earlier in the season. They are hoping to do the same thing on Sunday.

If they can, they would, for the first time in history, make the AFC Championship Game. But it's going to be tough. Back in October, the Chiefs were banged up. Now they are healthy. And, the Texans are coming off a come from behind, overtime win over Buffalo last weekend that coach Bill O'Brien knows can take a toll both physically and emotionally.

"Just to come back from being 16 points down against a very, very good football team, that is draining," O'Brien said.

J.J. Watt returned from surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle and recorded a big sack to help the Texans get the win. He played more than he thought he would, and was asked about what his workload would be this week.

"Basically it's the same situation it was the week before. It's a matter of making sure we have a good plan and sticking to that plan. We will see," Watt said.

O'Brien is also taking a wait and see approach.

"He knows his body very well. He'll help us determine how much he can be in there," O'Brien stated.

Sunday's game is set for a 2:05PM kickoff.

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