Pelosi, Dems look to limit Trump's war powers

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrats in Congress want to tie the President's hands when it comes to protecting the country.

Pelosi and House Democrats want to sign legislation that would limit the President's war powers, after last week's strike that took out Qasem Soleimani. Political analyst Chris Begala says the Democrats forget a little thing called the Constitution.

"All Constitutional experts over the last few days have blasted this to smithereens if you will," Begala stated.

Begala says it's just more Democratic Trump hatred.

"All they do is hate Donald Trump. They want to do anything they can to hurt him, harm him and limit his powers," Begala explained.

The resolution, if passed would demand military hostilities with Iran come to an end within 30 days unless further Congress gives the President permission to do more.

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